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As part of our commitment to transparency and helping people understand how we make best use of their waste, SUEZ and Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority have a range of education opportunities, ranging from visits to our rail transfer loading station in Kirkby, Knowsley, and our energy-from-waste facility in Teesside, through to bespoke STEM education resources.

Our visitor centre

The equivalent of 80,000 wheelie bins of residual waste (the waste left over after recycling) is delivered from residents’ homes across Merseyside and Halton to Knowsley rail transfer loading station site every week, where it is loaded onto trains to be transported to the energy-from-waste facility in Wilton, Teesside.

A train arrives at the transfer station nine times per week to collect the waste. Each train load consists of 84 containers, each carrying around 13 tonnes of waste.

At the rail transfer loading station, SUEZ, in partnership with the Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority, have created a visitor centre to explain what happens to waste from the time it leaves residents’ bins to the time it is converted into heat and power for the National Grid at Wilton.

We welcome visits by community groups of up to ten people over the age of 16. Each visit will typically consist of a short presentation and talk in our visitor centre followed by a site tour on foot.


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