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In December 2013, Merseyside Energy Recovery Ltd was awarded a 30-year contract to manage waste from Merseyside and Halton. SUEZ recycling and recovery UK operates the facilities that manage this waste.

Merseyside Energy Recovery Ltd is a consortium of companies brought together with the purpose of helping Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority manage residual waste in the most sustainable way.

The consortium consists of three companies – SUEZ recycling and recovery UK, Sembcorp Utilities UK, and I-Environment Investments Ltd.

Together, they have financed and built the facilities that manage over 430,000 tonnes of residual waste, which is left over after recycling, from Merseyside and Halton each year.

The waste is transported by train from a transfer station in Kirkby to a specialist energy-from-waste facility in Teesside, which is located on the Wilton International industrial complex owned by Sembcorp Utilities UK, where it is used to generate energy.

The electricity generated at the energy-from-waste facility – enough electricity to power more than 60,000 homes – is exported to SembCorp’s Network and the National Grid. Locally, the heat and steam produced at the facility is made available to adjacent businesses to power their facilities.

SUEZ recycling and recovery UK is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations at the transfer station and energy-from-waste facility on behalf of Merseyside Energy Recovery Ltd.

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