Community and education

We are proud to be part of the community – both in Kirkby in Knowsley, Merseyside and Wilton in Teesside.

In the spirit of openness and transparency, we strive to maintain a dialogue with the local communities we operate in.

Our responsibilities include a duty of care to our employees, the wider community and the environment. That demands integrity and transparency in all our dealings with the public, their representatives and local organisations, as well as running our facilities safely and efficiently.

We respect the concerns and interests of our neighbours and promote open communications with all stakeholders. As well as being accountable and open in our dealings with the local community, we want to contribute to the society we serve in other ways that complement our business services.

Our visitor facility at the Knowsley rail transfer loading station in Kirkby is designed to help local stakeholders and community groups better understand what happens to their waste and how we run our operations. You can find out more at our Education activities page.

We also support community and environmental improvement projects by distributing funding raised from landfill taxes distributed via the SUEZ Communities Trust.

In addition to this, Merseyside Energy Recovery Ltd has created a special community fund for Kirkby in Knowsley, known as the Kirkby Neighbourhood Community Fund, and welcome applications for community project funding.

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