The waste journey

The waste journey begins once it is collected from residents’ households.

Residual waste (household waste which cannot currently be recycled) is taken from the kerbside to the Knowsley rail transfer loading station, operated by SUEZ.

At this facility, the waste is tipped from the collection vehicles into a large bunker capable of handling 3,600 tonnes of waste at a time.

From the bunker, it is loaded into sealed containers, which are then placed on rail carriages. A train transports the waste-filled containers to the Wilton energy-from-waste facility on Teesside.

Each week, the equivalent of 80,000 wheelie bins of general rubbish is sent from the rail transfer loading station to Wilton. This takes nine trains, pulling 84 containers at a time, each filled with 13 tonnes of waste.

Watch this short film to follow the journey of Merseyside and Halton’s waste.

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